Granville New York Rotary Club

Officers and Committees

 Granville Rotary Club
 2018 - 2019 Directors, Committees, and Members

 President:  Paul MAnchester
  Secretary:  Steve Williams
 President Elect: 
 Vice President and Past President:  Roger Forando
 Treasurer:  Bob Meldrum 

 Directors 2019-2020:  Dave O'Brien, Matt Hicks, Steve Williams, Dan Nelson, Ellen Chase, Edie Riker,Shelby Phillips

Incoming  Board 2020-2001:  Dave O'Brien, Amy Nelson, Matt Hicks, Shelby Phillips, Brian Campbell, Ellen Chase

Past Presidents 2020-2021:  Paul Manchester, Roger Forando

Granville Rotary Committee Directory

Program & Bulletin: Co-Chairs: Edie Riker and Doug Baker   Members:   Bob Meldrum, Patti Aunchman, Paul Manchester, Kevin Ely, Audrey Nelson

Chair: Phil Berke.  Members:   Steve Williams, Matt Hicks, Tom Collard, Mary King, Dan Nelson, Danielle Park, Brian Campbell, Kevin Ely

Foundation, Polio & Paul Harris: Co-Chairs: Steve Williams and Ken Littlewood  Members:  Peter O’Brien, Kevin Ely, John Manchester, John Cosey

Awards: Chair:  Matt Hicks  Members:  Roger Forando, Bob Meldrum, Mark Bessen, Audrey Nelson

RYLA:  Chair: Mark Bessen Members:  Bob Meldrum, Amy Nelson

Publicity:  Chair: Edie Riker   Members:  John Manchester, Ellen Chase

Spaghetti Supper:  Chair: Matt Hicks  Members: Ellen Chase, John Tanner, Dave O'Brien

New Fund Raisers:  Chair: Dave O’Brien Members:  Roger Forando, John Tanner, Amy Nelson

Radio Ads: Chair: John Cosey   Members:  Doug Baker, Patti Aunchman

Finances:  Chair: Peter O’Brien  Members:  Danielle Park, Ken Littlewood,

Trivia Night:  Chair: Steve Williams   Members:  Roger Forando, Patti Aunchman, Amy Nelson, Ellen Chase, Dave O'Brien

Yard Sale:  Chair:  John Tanner Members: Ken Littlewood, John Manchester, Danielle Park         

 Community Project Committee:  Chair: Ken Littlewood  Members:  Peter O’Brien,  Amy Nelson, Mark Bessen, Paul Manchester, Danielle Park, Ellen Chase

Sergeant-at- Arms: Doug Baker  Assistant Sergeant: Paul Manchester

Elections:  Dave O'Brien, John Cosey, Ken Littlewood

Education and By-Laws:  Chair: Roger Members:  John Cosey, Bob Golden, Bob Medrum,  Edie Riker, Steve Williams

Website:  Dave O’Brien

Christmas Auction:  John Tanner, Audrey Nelson